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2005.06.06 Dyrebeskyttelsen: Hundedrap i Spania

Send protestbrev til spanske myndigheter:

Spanias Ambassade i Oslo
v/ ambassadør Fernando Alvargonzales

Forslag til brev:
(OBS! Hvis du endrer innholdet i brevet til ambassaden, vær vennlig å være høflig og saklig i formen.)

Dear Ambassador Fernando Alvargonzales,

I am writing in reference to the recent publications on Spanish hunters who kill their dogs at the end of the hare coursing season.  
This is particular
ly a problem in Castilla y Leon, Castilla la Mancha, Extremadura and Andalusien. It is estimated that tens of thosuands of galgos are being bred and killed annually in rural areas. The dogs are hanged, drowned, starved and burnt to death. These are all gruesome ritual punishments for dogs that have performed poorly during the season, as well as cheap ways to dispose of the dogs.

I am horrified that Spanish authorities allow such
barbaric treatment of animals.

I  urge
You to use Your influence and ensure that this cruel tradition is outlawed.

Until this
practice is permanently banned I will boycott all products from Spain, as well as boycott tourism of Spain. I will also encourage as many people as I can to do the same.
Yours sincerely