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2002.10.10 Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary:   Nyheter fra News Update

Forbud mot handel med hunde- og kattepels i Italia og USA

No More Dog and Cat Fur

The "power of the pen" has worked once again. Due to the thousands of letters sent to Italian and European politicians, the commerce of dog and cat fur has officially been banned in Italy.
Thanks to all of you who sent the letters in our last newsletter.

Dog and Cat Fur Bill Passed

-The US Senate has just approved a bill signed by President Clinton that bans dog and cat fur products from entering the country. It is now illegal to import, export, or sell products containing dog or cat fur in the US.
Unfortunately a multi-million dollar business is still thriving in all of Asia and dog and cat fur is still sold to European countries, largely in the form of hat, glove, jacket and boot linings.
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No More Dog and Cat Fur, Dog and Cat Fur Bill Passed
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