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2004.07.23  Dyrebeskyttelsen:   Kampanje ved DNs sekretariat

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Emne : Against the killing of new-born buffaloes

Dear President Ciampi,

We have been informed of the inhumane way in which newborn male buffaloes are killed in the Naples Region of Campania. Even though these creatures have no market value (they don't render milk to make mozzarella), their slaughter should be quick and painless. Besides the cruelty of burying creatures alive, which is completely against Italian and European Community law, the health hazards to the community are numerous.

The lack of law enforcement over the "Mozzarella di Bufala" industry also extends to the adult animals who are not checked regularly for diseases ( e.g. ears are not tagged by the Italian Health Ministry). This presents a clear health risk to all people who eat Mozzarella di Bufala made in ltaly.

As a tourist and visitor to Italy, I ask you to please resolve these matters by :
-having the buffalo breeders humanely kill the newborn male buffaloes at birth
-enforcing the mandatory veterinary checks and sanitary codes.

Italy is a wonderful country with a great history of civilization. People from all over the world al attracted to the high level of culture and quality of life that is offered. Even the animal protection laws are some of the best in the world. We are sure that you would want to continue that tradition and reputation by considering the plight of the newborn male buffaloes.

We thank you in advance for looking into these irregularities and making Mozzarella di Bufala safe to eat and cruelty free. We look forward to visiting your country again,


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