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2002.12.03 Dyrebeskyttelsen:   Kampanje ved DOOA og DN

E-KAMP: Militærets hundemishandling i Peru

Hundemishandling i Peru
Foto: TVNorge ©
Protester ved å sende e-post til Perus ambassade i Sverige, som har e-postadresse Her følger forslag til tekst med for eksempel tittel "Peruan dog abuse".
Dear Ambassador Eduardo Llosa,
After seeing a video clip from Peru on the news in Norway on Dec. 2, 2002, showing how Peruan military are using dogs in their training of soldiers, I am appalled and shocked how a civilized country can treat their companian animals this way.
It not only shows a complete ignorance and lack of empathy for the individual, tortured animals, but also the government's absent protection of these animals. Instead of treating living animals this way, a civilized government should protect them. What kind of signal do You send to both Your own people, and to the rest of the world?
I truly hope that these cruel acts do come to a complete stop immediately, and if not, that people all around the world will stop visiting Your country and stop buying Your products until so has happened. I surely will.
Sincerely Yours, ...

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