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2002.12.? Perus ambassade:   Brev ved Perus ambassade

Stockholm, December 2002.
Dear Sir/Lady:
Thanks for write to the Embassy of Peru and for your preoccupation. We have taken note of your kind letter and informed the authorities in Peru about it. The Ministry of Defense has informed that the video is an old one broadcasted in the Peruvian television last month and that this kind of practice was yet totally stopped time ago. At the present, animals are not used during the military trainings. Apparently, according the letters received, the television and press news in your country not informed those circumstances, nor asked first about them.
Thanks for those who avoided generalizations in their letters and understood that some individuals are not the same as all one nation. The Peruvian society, for example, has always value the Nordic countries' image of tolerance, respect for other peoples and education. The best side of Sweden and Norway.
Peruvian people appreciate the value of the live, specially considering we have suffered violence and death during years. We will avoid descriptions. Among the several measures taken to protect human and animal life we found:
  • more of 18 millions ha. of protected areas.
  • rescue of the vicuña, from 5 000 ex. in 1970 to 160 000 ex. now.
  • Viringo dogs, original from Peru, were declared "National Cultural Heritage" this year.
  • legal hunting is very restrictive, almost unknown, and the illegal hunting is penalized.
However, cruel and violent death of human and animal lives, specially the defenseless one, are still a problem all over the world, just in the XXI century as it was in the XX century, when Peru, likes other civilized governments and societies, reacted against the most barbaric episodes against people and animals in the world history, sending then, in words and facts, a signal to the world. In order to resolve the present problems of our countries the efforts of governments, peoples and individuals are important to change the situation by education, respect, self-critic, dialogue and understanding.


Embassy of Peru

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